Steel suppliers

Just wanted to start a post that has a bigger list of steel supply that is bike-related and not bike-related. I have a pretty good knowledge of bike-specific suppliers but Aircraft spruce is one of the only spots I get 4130 from. Are there other places that people go for machining steels and alloys or other aircraft supply companies? This also may have already been a thread but just putting it out there.

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If I’m shopping around for straight gauge 4130, I’ll usually check out:

Regionally (rust belt), I know a lot of folks get raw stock from Alro.


Worth mentioning, I’ve used ebay a ton for small bits of specialty stuff. It’s real common for folks to sell random drops of tool steels and similar on there. Sometimes there’s pretty good deals.
And it’s usually very entertaining when people truly take advantage of the USPS ‘if it fits it ships’ thing. Haha

I just found out about a place here in Portland Or called Team Tube ( their site shows 4130 from 1/4” .035 on up. They list a couple locations in CA and IL as well. I haven’t reached out for pricing yet… i’m hoping i can pick up rack tubing in person and skip shipping’s time/cost.

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I have an online metal close to me so that’s where I go but I always use the coupon

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online metals has pick up here in Portland too.


This is so great. Thank you for posting resources! Much appreciated.


Why is Wicks so much cheaper then the others? Is it less quality 4130?