Stem parts 22.2

Would y’all make a 22.2 stem back plate and face plate? I’d be interested in steel and TI

I want to make some to accompany all the sweet 7/8” bars that are available.

I want to make this in 22.2!


Hi there! Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been pretty busy around here. We need pretty real and consistent demand for a new part to warrant going into production and putting it in stock. So we wouldn’t be able to make this as a stock item for our own shelves. We are happy to make any custom parts though, and we do so semi-regularly. This would be 2 custom parts, front plate and back plate. Custom part pricing base is $500 design/programming/tooling fee per part, plus hourly rate in production, plus cost of materials with 25 part minimum. If you are interested in having these made shoot us a call or email.
Alternatively, we offer some pretty snazzy shims in multiple colors that will allow you to run 7/8 bars for about $12. See SP4020 on our website.


Thank you for a very informative response!