Strato DSO-22 Sliding Dropouts

Finally releasing my take on sliding dropouts! Originally the brain child of @woodpeckercycleco to solve some shortfalls of other designs as well as availability issues, we created these to provide maximum flexibility for the frame builder.


• 22mm wide flanges perfect for 3/4" tubing

• Flanges cover a 90° arc allowing unique vertical seat stay bends

• Mitering uses a 1 3/8" hole saw - same diameter as other common frame tubes

• Compatibility with all Paragon Machine Works and Nova Cycles/Allotec inserts

• 20mm of forward/aft slide

• CNC’d from easy to weld 1018 mild steel - 2mm thick flange resists melting away

• Custom logo/text engraving available

• Available on BikeCAD!

Get them here!

Screenshot 2023-01-19 113424