Sub-Forum or further separation?


What do ya’ll think about separating some topics out a bit with sub-forums?



  • MTB
  • Road
  • Brazing
  • Welding

Maybe that’s too much. I dunno but stuff like that helps my brain a bit.

I like it how it is - it’s small enough and focused enough to have everything in once place. And best of all there’s no off-topic nonsense!

These days there’s so much grey in between the black and white of road and MTB - you could easily miss a lot of useful stuff or have conversations go nowhere because not everyone is seeing them all. Maybe have a sub-forum for suspension though, as that’s a pretty big leap forwards when designing/making bike frames, while being of little interest to the road/gravel crowd.

Personally I’d go for sub-forums based on topics rather than bike types - fabrication, design, materials, skills/techniques.


@JoeNation I totally get your first points and agree. My brain just sorts/categorizes things in a weird way (that’s probably cumbersome). And your point about mtb/gravel/road blending is totally valid.

The suggestion for fab, design, materials, etc sounds good . . . esp for newer builders. I remember visiting V-Salon, the google group, etc and finding it difficult to parse info as I was starting out.

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