Suppliers for straight gauge thin walled tubing in Europe?

Hey there,

I’ve been looking for a supplier for thin walled straight gauge 4130 (or 25CrMo4 in old world lingo) tubing in Europe for a while. Specifically I’d be looking for something like 30-35x0.7-0.8. I know Tennant can make tubing this thin, but it’s not a stock item, only produced upon request so MOQ would be a lifetime’s worth of frames…
Is there any chance I’ve missed the German version of aircraft spruce somehow?


There must be a German supplier. Wicks aircraft sells German 4130 here in the states in bike sizes.

Here is the eu website
or do you need actual bike tubing?

That’s what I thought as well, but somehow I haven’t really found them yet

Oh wow. I literally missed the German version of aircraft spruche. But jeez they’re expensive! I could buy triple butted Columbus tubes for that price!


The 4130 tubes from Aircraft Spruce are made in Germany.

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It’s the same here in Canada. The straight gauge 31.8 I use for mtb top tubes is more expensive than any bike specific tubing. :sob:

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Why are you using a straight gauge for the top tube? Dent prevention?

Dent prevention, strength on sub-64° hta frames, availability of long enough 9-6-9 tubes (though this is getting better with bike fabs newer additions)


Yeah, Andy has some cool options for teh long tubes now. 9/6/9 at 740mm and 1.2/9/1.2 at 650mm.

Here is another one, based in holland

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Truly thinwalled is hard to come by, but car racing suppliers (like chassisparts) can be a good source. There are also a couple in Germany I believe, but can’t find them right now. Peter from Ceeway can also supply you with a range of straight tubing, and Reynolds has some too, I have used their DC153 as a toptube on my Victor.
Aircraftspruce is indeed crazy expensive, got some from them 2 years ago, but I could have gotten 853 for less I think…

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Two supplier in Sweden:

MATERIAL_Metal – Material för flygplan | Arigo Teknik AB

Chrom moly 4130 N (

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You could have a look at “ULM Technologie” in France, they have a good choice of aero metric 25cd4 tubing.
Also Osborn, they usually sell 400m at a time, but they have a few different sizes in stock. Ask them.

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Where to find stainless steel for internal routing in the eu. Not ceeway. I ordered 8 mm ,1mm wall tubing last week. But I think it’s a bit to beefy for internal routing.

Is close to my house so I usually just go there to pick up brass and stainless tubing, but I know builders that have bought it online.

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Dank u, thats what i needed. To far for me to go and do pick up [Groningen]

let me know if you are still looking…won’t do a whole write up for nothing but I did a looot of research and would think to have quite an overview. will also probably get the 250m of 35 x 0.9 drawn on order

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Haven’t really found what I was looking for to be honest, so I’d appreaciate if you could share some of your wisdom! Specifically, I’m looking for 38/40/42x1 or even 0.9/0.8 wall thickness. Also, I would love to take a few of those 250m of 35x0.9 if you have any to spare!

Cheers, Luniz

One more address in Germany for tubes:’s prices: Don’t forget the 30% duty, the steel comes from the USA. Oh, it’s German steel? So with double duty then …