Tapered down tube 31.8 - 34.9

I’ve been looking around for a source for a tapered tube 34.9 → 31.8 as a down tube for lightweight road or gravel use. I see a couple of options in this size, but only in 600mm marketed as top tubes, most of my builds would need a longer tube than this. Am I missing something? What’s out there?

My build would be a 34.9/31.8 lugged bottom bracket shell with down tube tapered to a 31.8 lower head lug; 28.6 top tube; and seat tube tapering from 28.6 at the top to 31.8 at the bb. Lugs exist; bb shells exist; tapered seat tubes exist; but down tube?

Mark Beaver
Tamarack Cycles

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What are you trying to achieve in having a tapered DT in the arrangement you’ve described?

Joe Bringheli used to sell a Dedacciai 34.9-31.7 650mm length down tube, I still have one I believe. I would give him a call.

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Basically the Columbus Colorado Concept tube design, as done by Serotta. Not fond of the look of Uber-OS tubing.

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