The Canada Thread - parts sourcing - bulk ordering - heating igloos

Check out Magtool in Edmonton. Theyre the local gasflux supplier & theyre super friendly

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Darn - I wish I had seen this meetup sooner, would have been worth a quick flight I think.

I do talk to Dale Marchand (Edmonton) and a few others here in Alberta but there aren’t many of us doing the thing here.


What part of Alberta are you in KRUCH?

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That would have been awesome to have you there so we could ask you about al that space age stuff you figured out for your frames!

I’m hoping to do more of this kind of thing in Vancouver if it looks like there is interest. If you come down we could have a Q and A with you.

Anyways, will be in touch :love_you_gesture:

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Calgary! Shop and residence near downtown.

Me as well. Can’t call myself a frame builder yet though. I have most of the tubing and most of the tooling, I just need to start building a jig.

Flux order has arrived! I have a dozen extra of type B and type U. Shoot me a message if you want any. As mentioned above I’ll sell/ship at cost.


*** If you would like to exhibit your ‘work in progress’ let me know! We have an amazing space to work with in Vancouver ***

Bicycle Makers Show

Noon – 5pm

2032 E.Hastings
(one block West of Victoria)

Meet local builders with their current projects and check out the tools they are using to make them!

Works in Progress will feature bicycle framebuilders, bag makers, component manufacturers and everything in between. Some using tools and techniques which are hundreds of years old, and others using newer technologies and materials like 3-D printing and carbon fibre. All making awesome things locally, and happy to share their ideas and answer questions about what they do.

Current exhibitors: Schön Studios, Archibald Cycles, Bike Crud, Reclaimed Designs, Firstlight Frameworks, Found in the Mountains, AIRLabs

All ages. All welcome. Food and drinks available at the cafe.

If you would like to exhibit or have questions:

This event takes place on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.


Hello fellow Canadians,

I received this question in the introduction thread but thought this should be the best place for this information.

It’s possible as a framebuilder to open an account at Cycles Lambert / HLC. We even have a program specifically for framebuilder on some select brand.

The best way to show your interest is to fill the following form:
HLC account creation request form

Few things to note
Requesting a prepaid only account should be easier for most as a net terms account would require further credit/bank information and analysis.
The photo required in the form can be instead picture of your workshop
Business address doesn’t need to be a commercial address
Having an idea of how many complete bikes you are looking to sell per year should help to give our sales team an idea of how many group set,wheels, tires, etc this could represent.

Since I work on the purchasing side, I can’t really help you individually but I can at least steer you to the right person at HLC if you have more questions.


Vancouver builders, here’s a sweet deal on a lathe if you’re looking. Apparently they’re throwing it out if not sold so I hope someone rescues it!!

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Message sent, looks like it’s coming out of triumph at ubc

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Sweet, I hope you get it!

Any of my Canadian fellow have two pairs of spoke holder and is willing to sell them to me? I actually do not have to order anything else so paying a lot of shipping coming from the USA for such small parts is killing me.


Do you ride kingdom trails? I go there often and can bring you parts if needed.
Let me know and we can work something out in the future.

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@sikocycles Thanks for the offer. I do ride at Kingdom trails sometimes but it is not in the plans for this year.

I have a few I can mail to you. Do you need them speedy or regular stamp speed? Feel free to dm!

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Is US the only option for Gasflux type b? Looking to order some and assuming I missed the boat on @Schonstudio’s offer!

Can’t wait for the FedEx bill from my PMW order. They really need to consider USPS as an option.

If you haven’t sourced some yet, Magtool in Edmonton sells this. They also have brazing rods.

Thank you so much! Will check them out!

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Hello! I’m looking for 1/4" or 3/8" tubing for making some racks. Located in Ontario. Does anyone have any recommendations for suppliers?

Aircraft spruce and metal supermarket are about $23/ft.

Clcycle sells some spare 8mm tubing at $9/ft when in stock: Raw CrMo Tube PER FOOT - C&L Cycles

Any tips would be great!