The Double Decker Mini Velo Cargo Bike

I’ve been following this one closely because I’m very interested in making something similar, but with some influences from the incredibly talented Colin Woof and the Apriko fork by Arian Bronner.

After reading James Black’s notes on his bike though, I’m wondering if the long nose would have an advantage over a cycle truck in regards to shimmy?

My personal metric is I want a bike that hardly takes up more space than my current road bike and can carry a window air conditioning unit (40lbs). The platform has to fold up both for storage, and for higher speed commuting when I need to fit in the 20 inches between a parked car and a bus…

I’ll start a new thread when I have the CAD further along.


Hey mate, how you getting along with this project? Thought you might appreciate some of the details on these bikes if ya still in the design stage. Interesting take on the mid drive mount.


honestly, I think this may be a fun exercise in CAD for quite some time till I have a bunch or spare $$ just lying around. But that MonoPole is awesome. I dig the steering as well. Very clever and simple.


That’s a very interesting steering solution. I feel like it has a few things working against it, namely difficult of adjustment and tension, but I want to dig in and see how they solved those.

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Hopefully this tangent isn’t too much of a derail.

It’s either a modified belt (holes) or not a full loop, using these clips on both the fork and steerer side. Since the application is unique in that you never need more than 90° rotation to either side, you can get away with this use.

I’m not sure that it’s better than using a linkage, but it is certainly novel enough in this space to be patentable, and maybe provides some small amount of dampening? Seems like it would add quite a bit of cost relative to a linkage bar assembly.

That said, it’s really cool, and that’s what’s important at the end of the day.

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It’s a great tangent. I think the footprint of this design is quite small. Smaller than a linkage would be. Only problem I see is they have to be perfectly in plane. With a linkage, you don’t have to run the two steerers at the same angle or same height. cool nonetheless.