The For Sale Thread

I’m sure we all have things lying around the shop we will never use, but someone else might. So let’s sell them!

I have 2 sets of Henry James Stainless QR dropouts for sale. Plug sizes on these are 9.5 mm on the seat stay end and 10.8 mm on the chain stay ends. $40 a set, free shipping in the U.S.

I also have some True Temper tubing I will post up soon as well as an Anvil Type 3.1 jig in the near future.

I moved this thread to the Marketplace > For Sale section

Side note: I am still playing around with the organization of the forum. If it makes more sense to combine For Sale to General Forum, let me know!

Carry on!


I missed the marketplace tab.

Thanks, Daniel :+1:

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