Tig Weld 3D Printed 15-5PH part to 4130

Hi All,

I need to join a SS 15-5PH 3D printed (by RAM 3D) part to a 4130 Pinion Bridge and am planning to Tig with Weldmold 880 (or 312) filler wire. Does anyone have experience with this or have any suggestions for an alternative filler material?


I would probably go with 309L based on previous advice I have been given. I just did a quick google and it has greater elongation and less carbon vs 312 so maybe that is why? No actual experience though

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A Pinion bridge and a 3D-printed part sounds like an interesting combination! If you’re willing to share photos, that would be nice.


Thanks! Did a bit of research myself as well and came to the same conclusion.

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I’ve designed some bigger chainstay landing tabs to replace the standard features on a Pinion bridge. I’ll definitely post some photos once they are in place.


That has been my experience as well. Joining the CS tubes to the mount requires a lot of work.

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