True Temper RC2 Chainstays w/ Custom Single Bend

I have a good number of NOS True Temper RC2 22.2 tapered stays that take a single bend really well. Enough to custom bend and sell some.

Stays are 450mm long, 22.2 tapering to 12mm. They work nicely for a long, 455-465mm rear end. Depending on the hub spacing, desired chainline, and chainring size, I can fit a 2.5 inch tire with a single bend and no dimpling. 700x45-55 wide tires fit a with a lot more room.

I have 22.2mm dies for 115 170 and 230 radii. I’d want 70 bucks to ship them CONUS.

Below is an extreme example of what’s possible with a 754x66 tire, 32t chainring, 135 hub and 51mm chainline. A 50mm tire is a lot easier and will allow for a bigger ring.

700x55 tire below.

Send me a message or reply here if interested.

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I used these for super primitive 29ers back in the early 2000s. They are great for almost any type of bike so long as you don’t need super short stays/big tires simultaneously.

Neat to see that there are still some kicking around. I miss true temper!


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