Tubing for sale - mosty True Temper

Hello folks,

When Burley stopped building frames, there was a big pile of tubing remaining, which I have been sitting on for a while. I would really like to free up some space in the shop, so if anyone can use any quantity of these, let me know! Priced to move at $5/tube (or pair for stays), plus shipping from Oregon.

TRUE TEMPER (I have the original drawings for most of these if required):

  • HBDDT03, 1.5" x 25.75", 0.040/0.031/0.040, tandem downtube
  • HBDSS07, 0.75" taper to 0.625" x 20.5", 0.03, domed end stay
  • OX2DT665, 34.9mm x 670mm, 0.9/0.6/0.9, stock True Temper downtube
  • HAVRDT, 31.8mm x 635mm, 0.9/0.6/0.9, stock True Temper down/toptube
  • BDVERSS1, 0.75" taper to 0.625" x 22.5", 0.035, domed end, touring bike seatstay
  • BDPLATCS2, 1" taper to 0.625" x 16.3", 0.035, domed end, touring bike chainstay
  • BDFB2, 1.25" taper to 0.635" x 16.5", 0.045 to 0.084, fork blades
  • BDST2, 1.25" x 22.3", 0.036/0.028/0.036
  • HBDTT08, 1.375" x 50.25", 0.035/0.028/0.035
  • HBDLT01, 1.375" x 50.25", 0.030/0.025/0.030
  • BDQTT1, 1.375" x 50.25", 0.040/0.032/0.040. These last three are all tandem lateral or toptubes, which are butted in the center as well as the ends.

Seatstays, 16mm single taper to 12.3mm x 618mm, 0.7mm to 0.9mm, s-bend
CS3110-568, 31.8mm x 568mm, 1.0mm straight gauge, 240mm taper to 18mm domed end.


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Hi Rob,

Would you be able to post to England if there are any of these tubes left? Ideally I am after S bend seat stays, 34.9mm down tubes and any other odd bits that might be kicking around that will be useful for touring bikes.

Best regards,


Hi Richard - certainly can if the cost of postage makes sense for you? Send me a DM with the quantities you want and I can run the numbers.

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Interested in the 34.9mm DT, 31.8mm DT/TT, and a set of chainstays, plus a set of seat stays.

Hello - to make it worthwhile me boxing up and shipping, I need to ask for a ten tube minimum, let me know if that might be of interest.

Excellent! I sent you a DM

Are you willing to send to salt lake city

I am looking for tubes to practice welding on.

If you just want thin wall steel to practice with, i can send you a box of scrap tubes for the cost of shipping - DM me if interested.

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I am indeed interested, please do send.

How should I convey my address to you?

Have you received my shipping info? I think I DM’ed it to you.