[Tutorial] Bent sheet metal + send cut send w/ Fusion 360

Sheet Metal Design:

Today I learned how to design sheet metal parts in Fusion360 with send cut send’s workflow. I was really impressed by how easy it was.

  1. Start sheet metal part in F360
  2. Enter in send-cut-send’s bend parameters into F360 sheet metal rules: A36/1008 Mild Steel Laser Cutting | SendCutSend
  3. Design sheet metal parts: https://youtu.be/nEjFMYNGY4g
  4. Flatten and export DXF
  5. Upload DXF to Send Cut Send. The website automatically detects your bend lines and can give you an instant quote! Even spits out a 3D model. Very cool.

The project I was working on was for a frame fixture:

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That’s awesome that they have their parameters online. K factor is the biggie where you usually have to iterate your way to a good value.
Hahn Rossman

This is awesome- thanks for sharing! how was the pricing and cut quality on the bent parts? I had some 1/4” aluminum cut there and it was definitely optimized for speed, not quality. Thankfully it wasn’t a deal breaker, but noteworthy. I wonder if they’ll add a cut quality option like other local places I’ve used?

As long as you design around the laser cutter, the parts work pretty well. I have been very impressed with send cut send. They are constantly adding features and answering questions very quickly and clearly. I emailed them today (Saturday) and got a response in 20min… Crazy…

Thank you for reaching out about your upcoming order and part design! We compensate for all kerf/line offsets in our software. We change the cut position based on the geometry of the part in your design, and we are able to hold +/- .005" (+/- .127mm) tolerance or better in sheet metal and with our routed materials. Our laser beam width is about .006" and we have more information about kerf here: What Is Kerf in Laser Cutting? - SendCutSend

I have not tried their bending services yet, since I am trying to make the open-source fixture as easily reproducible as possible.

This may help the open source for those without access to bending equipment. Essentially it generates a tabbed .dxf file that can be CNC cut, and then bent by hand. I haven’t had time to play with it much, but a cool concept since making the tabbed bend lines in CAD can be time consuming: