Unofficial List of Framebuilding Schools

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Framebuilder Schools:

West Coast NA

East Coast NA




How to get started?


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Thought it might be helpful to keep a slightly more up-to-date list of who is currently offering framebuilding courses. Please chime in if I’m missing anyone and I’ll add them to the list.


@anon91558591 you still offering classes?

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Tempest Cycles, Dungog, NSW Australia

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Alex Meade

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Not currently. They take up a lot of time and disrupt family life too much.

For local folks that can spread out the class over a month or two (ie one day a week) I will consider it, but otherwise, I’m done doing classes.

So if someone is a CO local (or wants to travel to CO once a week) they can contact me and discuss.



AR Cycles in Sacramento does


Thanks for the Tag!

I have space left in June, Sept, Oct, Nov class for this year!

If anyone has any interest or questions feel free to ask here or email me.

Also a class in Canada is a great option for USA Folks because our exchange rate is so bad… it’s basically a 30% discount right off the top :crazy_face:



LaFraise Cycles, France

Big Forest Frameworks, Germany


Just stumbled across this forum, thanks for the plug. Lots of interesting threads to read!



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Believe it or not, I get inquiries about learning how to build bikes or where can they go to. I know we honor the spirit of SOPWAMTOS (Society of People Who Actually Make Their Own Sh1t), so beyond YouTube and actually hanging out at a framebuilding shop, I’m trying to create a current list of formal frame building classes and schools. Please take a look at see if you can add it it:

Metal Guru Education –

Yamaguchi Bicycles School | Yamaguchi Bicycles


Big Forest Frameworks Course Dates – Big Forest Frameworks

University of Iowa Two disciplines. Two wheels. One elite program.

Tokyo College of Cycle Design Course introduction | 東京サイクルデザイン専門学校

I know Victorie Cycles has classes but can’t find them online

Is Paul Brodie still offering classes? How about Doug Fattic? Ti Cycles?


Is United Bicycle Institute out of the famebuilding business?

They are :cry: I took their last class in November 2021.

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Since the pandemic, they stopped and switched gears to mechanic classes instead.

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Center for metal arts in Johnstown PA is hosting a 2 week fillet brazed framebuilding course from October 21- November 1st! Taught by yours truly :slight_smile:


OH very cool! Is this a one time workshop or an on-going program?

This is a once in a year offering, at a place that typically specializes in metal forging, knife making, and other metal working arts. It didn’t happen last year due to not filling enrollment so I’m hoping it fills this year!
Previous years it was taught by Megan Dean, so I’ve got big shoes to fill. One of her students from that class / a good friend of mine may be my assistant this year :slight_smile:


Stayer in the uk, I think feather cycles (uk) is about to start something

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I’ve been offering classes in Canada (Squamish, near Vancouver/Whistler British Columbia) for the last three years, having about 6-8 classes a year. It’s been really fun! I think a few of my previous students are on the forum.

I’m just finishing up my last “spring” class right now and fall courses are sold out, but I’ll be posting the 2025 class schedule in a few weeks, generally I have 3-4 classes in the spring and 3-4 in the fall.

The general info is here:

And you can email me if you have any questions!

As far as I know I’m currently the only one offering regular classes in Canada. Jacques Gallant in Montreal does occasionally host classes but I think only once a year.