Van der zwaard build log

I have been building a few cargo forks. For 20” wheels , to fit in a 90s mtb frame.
I source old bmx bikes and use the fork.


Neat. Does it actually save any time to use old forks, though?

I personally would be sketched out using anything that I didn’t know the materials/gauges/history, but that’s just me.

Looks like a lot of paint is getting burned while brazing, make sure your respirator fits well.



I started using an old fork because I couldn’t figure out the height of the canti bosses.

Finished a gravel frame today. Used 12mm 4130 for the seatstays and bend them with a ridgid bender.


I build frames under my family name so changed smooth sailor build log into the above.

I started a segmented fork today , that goes with the frame I’m building.
Started with the slots in the blades. Off center so the disc rotor clears the leg.
Next set up my mill for the connecting pieces of tube. I use old steerer tube cut offs.
And than the fiddling/swearing starts.
It seems like it’s ready to braze


And some of the frame


Apart from making it shiny, I finished the segmented fork today. I had to make the connecting tubes again. Second time always smoother.


Beauty! I love the side profile. What did you use for the fork blades?

Thank you @Daniel_Y
The blades are from Columbus for disc. 28.6 mm at the top 18.3 at the dropout.


Only a few cable guides left to do on this build.
Frame for 29X2.5” wheels/tires , used a konga yoke. Boost segmented fork and a pizza rack

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Build up this frame to see if everything turns, clears etc. It does. No decide on paint.

It’s a tourer frame for 650B wheels and 2” tires. White industries crank and headset, paul brakes, sram derailleur and levers.
Made the fork , rack and stem


Today I finished building another cargofork. Used an old bmx fork. Put a holesaw thru the crown , to put a tube rhru where the extended fork legs can land and build the rack on.
Added a disc tab, and made a crown race seat.
Learned new things again


Another cargofork, this one is for a bombtrack with a tapered head tube, why not.
I steered away from using old bmx forks. Segmented fork crown, paragon hooded dropouts and 25mm straight gauge 4130 tubing for the legs and rack tube

Processing: IMG_1206.jpeg…
Processing: IMG_1215.jpeg…
Processing: IMG_1219.jpeg…