Viewing replies

Hello, I’m loving this forum!

I really like being able to expand and view posts that are directly responding to a parent post. Maybe this would be difficult to implement, but if a reply thread on a given post is expanded, could the chronological duplicate instances below be minimized?

Not sure if I’m explaining this well but in short it would be cool if direct replies were only displayed in one spot. Reading a reply and then scrolling down a thread to see the same thing further down the page is a little disorienting for me.



I agree, it’s not the easiest to read. I looked into grouping replies, but unfortunately, it’s not possible with Discourse.

I think the best practice is to quote the text you are replying to, that makes it a bit more clear:

I think the underlying theme here is that online communication is surprisingly difficult. I have had some suggestions to format the community as a Discord chat. Discord handles spontaneous, multi-threaded, casual chats better. You can group replies in Discord. But I feel like that format is less formal and biases toward those who are more social.

I am open to suggestions and thoughts from the community.