Vitual Velo USA , online builder competition

Hi to All,

Many of you likely got an email last night about the online frame builder competition. It a fun friendly way to get your builds seen and let the public vote on it We have a panel of five judges who will collectively pick their choices for each category. Make entries up to the 19th of November and them the results will be posted a few days after that.

There are 28 categories so room for most any builds , you can place two entries per category and 5 pictures per entry.

This was a kind of on the fly project that has a few other folks doing most of the back ground work. So I know there will be some criticism , comments ect. and look to improve it for a future go.

It is live competition and pictures are being added as folks enter them. So you can keep checking back to see what new bikes have been put up.

One thing if you do enter pictures , there is a place to give comments when you view them , so if you can go in there and add your name or brand or any comments you would like to put about the bike feel free to do so.

I do hope you all enjoy this and I do think its a venture that could be done for years to come if you like it.

Andrew - Bicycle Fabrication Supply