Wanted: 1 1/8" crown race cutter

Hey y’all,
I’m looking for a park crown race cutter, but they’re discontinued by park and sold out everywhere I’ve looked.
Any chance any of you have one you’d be willing to sell me?
I’m in Portland, but I’m (probably) willing to pay shipping to get it to me from where you are.

Or - for those of you in Portland, would any of you be willing to let me use yours to face a crown race on the fork I just made?

Fiddlehead Cycles

Hey Justin -

I have a cutter you can borrow (or buy), or we can do it on my lathe real quick if you’d like. I’m down near Lake Oswego… Let me know. Out of town this weekend, but back on Monday.

  • Chris

That would be great, thanks!
I’ll work out details with you in DMs.

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