Wanted 44/56 head tube

Hi, I have a customer who wants me to build a steel hardtail around his ZS44/ZS56 Chris King Inset 2 headset. Haven’t seen any head tubes from my usual suppliers - any suggestions? Or anyone sitting on one that’s surplus to your needs?

Mark Beaver
Tamarack Cycles

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Steel head tube, that is… will be fillet brazing not welding.


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I don’t have one, but I am curious, does one of these headtubes actually exist?

Firefly welds on a lower cup:

Prova has a custom paragon IS56 lower headtube that they weld to a 3D printed upper bearing seat and lug:

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Tell him to use a different headset :yum: That’s a ridiculous size for a steel frame.

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Well, I agree fully - but if I can’t source the head tube then he’s going to have to change! Agree on the huge size, I find even 44mm kinda fat looking on a steel frame.


If you need help to convince your friend, you can quote me:

“Sorry, It does not exist.” - Daniel

But in all seriousness, I couldn’t find anything. Chromag uses an IS56 headtube, which was the closest I could find (paragon makes one too). As @manzanitacycles says, there is no good reason to use a ZS56 headtube on a steel bike. That lower diameter is MASSIVE. You are typically using a 38-40mm downtube. A ZS56 lower HT would be almost 60mm in diameter.


I’ve got some if you’re still looking. How long?

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Huh. 100mm. Where are you located? PM me, thanks.

PM sent

And in case anyone else wants to see:

115mm with top finished:

150mm, cut to size (minimum ~90mm), finish with a silvered on reinforcement ring if desired: