Waterford Factory Auction

It looks like the Waterford factory is going to be auctioning off its equipment 6/24-7/10. I’m curious to see what all is available and what it ends up going for.


Thanks for the link!

We’ve been wondering if they were going to do an auction.

I saw this today as well , got signed up , will be interesting to see what is available.

Has anyone gotten a reply from the form request? Supposedly the auction was to begin today, but I haven’t received any info on how to look and bid.

Nothing other than the “thank you for your interest” auto-reply.

I signed up and only response was a thank you.

Did some digging and found some more info, Bidding starts on 7/6



That’s a drool worthy photo gallery. But a shame it’s cash/cashier’s check only and from the description I wouldn’t imagine they’re going to be willing to ship anything.

I’m only 1.5 hours away, I’m going to email them and see if I can show up during inspection day and give them a cash offer for as much small stuff I can fit in a big box.


That tends to be how most industrial auctions work, though many take credit cards these days.

If you’re already stopping by (and don’t want it yourself) - would you be up to grabbing the Farr Butt Checker? I’d pay you handsomely for shipping & handling! I’m truly tempted to drive out, but a 16hr round trip from Pittsburgh would be rough.

I bet there’s a bunch of goodies in this cabinet!

Has anyone been approved to bid? I was planning on just paying cash in person but contacted both proxibid and the auction company but never got a response. It’s sad so much is still stupid cheap. So many work stands still with a dollar or two bids. Two gas flux setups and so much more that will go for pennies on the dollar I’m guessing. Almost would want to stick around that see what doesn’t sell and gets tossed out.

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We got approved to bid. It wasn’t easy

I’m approved and bidding. Created an account on proxibid that had to be approved by auction company. Pickup is Tuesday from 9-4. I’m pretty crunched on time, muscle, and space both in the truck and back in my garage to grab bigger items. Even those work stands are over 100lbs.

@liberationfab I took a look at the the butt checker for ya, it’s up to $130 which I believe is close to the cost of getting it new.

Finally got my approval! Bid on a few things and determined to come home with at least a dual clamp work stand. Some of the shelving are loaded with stuff…lugs, braze ons, crowns. The fork table is tempting for what’s all included. The frame jigs are pretty monstrous and that one is attached to the floor. Though they all look like just made for front triangles and then the rear triangle is tacked up on another jig.

Yeah that’s not worth it to me, but thank you for checking on that!

Too bad this seemed like such a headache for us non-locals. Those of us who would be into such “toys” are already a small group, the terms of this seem to limit that scope even more so. Seems like Richard could have made off a lot better on a lot of these items but I guess given the time crunch you do what needs to be done. If anyone is willing to help me out on some of the items let me know!

Was sad to see how cheap things went for. Someone walked away with a $140 Bridgeport mill and their other bridgeports didn’t go for much more. I’d chalk it up to the auction company they went with…cash/check only, one day pick up. I bet total everything went for under 20k. So much sold for only a dollar while other stupid stuff sold for more.

I scored an Anvil fork fixture for $160. All the dual clamp shop level park stands went for under $100 each. Apparently no one wanted the Waterford or Gunnar name and went unsold at 10k.


I really wanted that bottle boss drill press. Went up to $600 and was out bid.

We are moving shops in a few weeks and dealing with moving more big machines was the last thing I wanted to deal with or I would have tried harder on some stuff. Also didn’t really need any of it. Oh well :man_shrugging:

I checked out the auction. It left me feeling so sad. Reminded me of helping Bruce Gordon sell his shop. Another institution of American framebuilding bites the dust. Guess I’m just sentimental.

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