Woodpecker eBike / Midtail build


I figured Ill share some progress on a step through E bike I am building for my Wife. The intent is to have a nice bike for exploring, taking trips to the store or park, or camping. My wife has ehlers danlos syndrome which casues some sever joint pain, thus the step through and motor! Hope yall enjoy. Sorry I didnt take many pics during the build!

E bike System:
Bosch CX Line Race
Powerpack 545 Battery

E58 Cabinet

straight Guage Tubes throughout.


Everything starts in @BikeCAD , no way around that!


Then it goes to Fusion for a the rest of the design. this is a pretty rough sketch. I do this mainly to get measurments, and check clearace. On a fully I usually make the render as good as I can! on this i just wanted to see what it looked like. all the motor cad and stuff is from Bosch or GrabCad


After sketching and getting the Motor Jig cut at SCS I put that together. Then it was time to toss it in the stand.

Builders note: the cad files show Motor centerline. Which is about 5mm off actual cabinet centerline. This would yield around a 47.5mm CL. I boneheaded and stuck with this. Next time I will offset 5mm (which will actually make the cabinet centered) and that will be on boost CL. no worries. a spacer and a super boost chainring saved the day.

Moving on, I got a few tubes in the jig!


Usually I build the stays first, but on this one I was antsy to get some tubes in.

after that, I decided to try wishbone stays, first thoughts are “man this is a PITA” but after figuring out a process I don’t mind them. I tried mitering them at the same time similer to a fork but my setup wasnt rigid enough. I ended up just doing one at a time. This worked out well.
I had little plugs for the wishbone cut at SCS as well, just snug enough to get tapped in. Then fusion welded around those with a wire in hand for if it got wild.

I also drilled the holes in the motor cabinet before doing anything else. Big mamma jammas so I can do all the wires internal.

Builders note: weld your little plug in this tube prior to welding the stays on. As you weld the stays it ovalizes the tubes and then those nice round plugs you had cut dont fit well. (I corrected that on the second one!)

Here were checking tire clearance with a 27.5x2.6


Before main tubes are welded in I like drill all holes, plan cable and wire routing and then do all braze ons. I find I like to do it one tube at a time, vs with the frame fully welded.

The e bike has a few extra wires to run up to the controller, brake lights, and speed sensor

This is a photo of the cable ports on the down tube

And here is the rear speed sensor cable. The rocker hardware was drilled and tapped from the back side and the speed sensor attached to that.


Front triangle welded. After speaking with a couple different builders they suggest drilling the holes in the motor cabinet and having the main tubes actually pass through. I like that Idea and it will likely hold the tubes better wild welding. On the next one I will likely try that!

The start / stops are something I always need to improve. I feel like the heat was right with these but its a never ending processes to get better. Every time you weld you feel like youre not getting better. Just go back to your welds 2-3 bikes agona and you’ll feel better! Ha!


Jump forward a bit, the seat stays were welded up! The rear upright tube is where the battery will mount. I am waiting on a few more parts to get here and then I will assemble most of it and then build the rear rack. I am waiting on building the rack untill its on the wheels becasue it will be fixed/ but removable and I want to make sure it sits level!


It’s a roller! Pretty stoked with the stance. It looks ready to go to the tractor pull. Just got the fork in from cane creek. It’s a helm 27.5 at 90mm of travel. Technically setup for dj, but the 483 atc is perfect for this!

To do list:

-Finish welding the battery mounts
-battery strap brackets
-front gusset
-Rack mounts
-frame prep
-test ride!



This is a really great project, nice work! Did you source your motor/battery/sensor/display from another bike?


@Pax Thanks! I worked with Vaper Propulsion Labs out of Colorado. Theyre the NA Bosch Distributor.


All gussied up


Bike has stance. Nice work


Great work and great work ignoring the CS length discussion. Seems like a great ride.


@sikocycles Haha I must of missed that discussion

Good deal.

Turns out bikes are supposed to be fun not everything is to get pitted, but I bet this still shreds.

@earle.b it I appreciate it! looks like a scrambler or something. Idk. I do love the stance.


Love the dropout you are using. They look great.


Slow progress on last little bits to the frame.

Had some tabs laser cut so I could use voile straps on the battery. I wasn’t stoked with the mount and this provides some security and prevents it from wiggling at all. I think. :rofl:


This build is super impressive: from the design, to the CAD, to the fabrication. It’s crazy what you can build in a garage. Great work so far, can’t wait to see it painted and assembled.


@Daniel_Y thank you! Been fun so far. I will say if someone wants one I’m not sure I can dedicate the amount of time required. Lots of details that you have to plan out ahead of time. Also I got it assembled and did a little test ride. Rack is all that’s left then I’ll send it off for powder.


Update! It took a while to get all the last minute stuff finished on this frame, inlcuding a custom rack. Bu were almost there. Man, building racks is time consuming! I dont know how builders offer these without charging a ton! That being said I like how it turned out. Looking for the right set of panniers right now. I am thinking the swift jr ranger or the roadrunner bags ones. both look very nice!

last bits to finish are the tail light bracket, and finish tucking the wiring, otherwise its about there! hope you enjoy the photos.