Wtb: cantilever brake post jig

I’m looking for an anachronistic cantilever post jig. Just testing the waters to see what’s out there. Does anyone have one that’s gathering dust in this brave new disc centric world?
I’m in Ohio but will be in Philly at the bike expo this month if that makes anything easier.
Thank you!

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re after, but you can make a very accurate and easy to use canti jig with 2 pieces of flat scrap (aluminum, steel). If you drill a hole in the center of both and place a threaded rod between the two to act as your clamp, then on the piece holding the bosses you simply drill 2 holes at roughly 80mm apart to fit an m6 screw through to secure the bosses. This is usually easier to set up then many of the jigs that existed on the market and there is less in the way of your torch for brazing. Here is an example. https://live.staticflickr.com/3876/15191356291_4cb4bef59f_b.jpg

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Very useful. Thanks

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For anyone making a jig like the photo above, best to use a clamping bolt on each end and in the middle, then tighten carefully and check that the plates are straight. If you crank down on a single central bolt, the plate may bend and the posts won’t be parallel. Or at least use a thick bar or angle and go easy on the wrench. But a very clever design nonetheless.


Or use angle instead of straight bar and yes, tighten carefully.

I’m working on a more full-featured fixture for easily repeatable front and rear brake posts, like anvil used to offer, but the production version won’t be ready in time for the expo. Maybe I’ll bring a prototype.

That said, if you’re only doing canti posts every once in a while there’s no reason not to make a simple fixture as above.

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