WTB Disc tab fixture

Currently I’m using an old mechanic caliper and hub/rotor and looking for something a little classier and less combersome. so I placed an order with Incepi three weeks ago. Didn’t hear a word for two weeks until I contacted him multiple times and was promised a tracking number this past weekend but instead got a refund and silence.

So I’m back to square one. Farr frameworks is nice but a little rich for my blood. Just checking to see if anyone had an old one laying around after upgrading they may want to pass along.

reigning on this topic a bit. Let’s handle disputes offline :pray:


I just got the Lichen FM/PM fixture. It’s classy.

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I’m talking with Sean at Handerhan about making a few of his version:

Sounds like his estimate would be $150 for the base + 1 adapter and then $50 per additional adapter (FM140/160 rear, FM160 /180 rear, FM140/160 front). Could do a group order if other folks are interested!

edit: if you want one, send an email to handerhancycles@gmail.com


That’s what I would do. There is a lot of good stuff to learn in making your own jigs.

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Fellow member donated a fixture so I’m good. Now just need to source some dummy qr axles

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