WTB: EBB shell, like this one from QBP

Hi, just need one steel BB shell to take a Bushnell, around 54 mm ID, OD not as important, roughly 68 mm wide but that’s not critical either.

Like this one that QBP sells:

I’m not a dealer, so QBP won’t sell to me directly. I’m happy to pay retail.

Ironically, the shop that patented the Bushnell eccentric and sold the design to QBP has shells in stock and they’re a mile from my house, but they won’t sell to me because I don’t have liability insurance. I’m pretty sure any other bike shop in America would order that part for me from QBP, I just asked the one shop that wouldn’t. I have made a couple hundred tandems, starting in the '70s at Santana, so it’s pretty safe to sell me a shell. Since retiring, I have purchased stuff from prolly a dozen frame materials suppliers as a hobbyist, nobody ever asked me for insurance before. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thanks a bunch,
Mark Bulgier
Eccentric in Seattle


I have a bunch of these from Nova, but they’re a bit different spec, close but not sure they’ll work. Do you know what they were for?
ID is 55.5mm with a 2.3mm wall, 61mm wide:

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I think that’s within the clamping range of a Bushnell. I’d be willing to give one a try, how much you want for 'em?

Thanks man!