WTB: extra long steerer (28.6x500mm), headtube, fork blades and other parts

Steerer: 28.6x500mm
Headtube: 35x420mm
Fork blades: 27.5x20x460mm long
Pacenti MTB crown or similar

I am building a cycle truck style cargo bike. I need a very long steerer tube and unfortunately BFS is out of stock. Looking to buy a 28.6 steerer, ideally 500mm long like the BFS one. It’d be really awesome if someone had one kicking around they don’t mind parting with!

Also looking for a 35x420mm headtube for the same project

For a different project also looking for long fork blades with a heavy wall for disks that fit into a pacenti crown. Something like 1.1 wall thickness and 460mm length.

Pacenti MTB crown or Crust or something similar


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