WTB Llewellyn stainless rear DO’s

Looking for a pair of Stainless 72 or 68 degree Llewellyn drop outs.
Chris Bishop

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Dear Chris,

I have a pair of the stainless ones I could sell. I also have two NOS sets of the old Everest “Batwing” lugs and BB shells that I was wondering if you were interested in ?

LMK and you do some really nice work !

Mike Fabian in San Francisco

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Hey Mike,
Great! Peter from Ceeway said he had a set so I brazed on the front drop outs then he realized he had already sold them
I need these asap just let me know how much you want for them? Also if you have done pics of the batwing lugs I am interested

My address is 2433, Everton, Baltimore MD 21209 for shipping.

Thanks again you are saving my current customers build. Peter isn’t expecting more in until the end of June and I need to get it to paint by the middle of June.



My phone number is 443-506-7585 if it is easier to send pics to the phone or you want to call.
Thanks again,