WTB: Lots of shop stuff

Hey all!

I’m about to set up my shop again after moving across the country and have a laundry list of things I’ve been holding off on buying, sold before moving and need to buy again, or am just lustfully window shopping for.

I’m located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Happy to help arrange shipping and could potentially do pickup in the NE for high-value items.

Welding Gasses

  • Argon (120/244cf, owner tank)
  • Acetylene (80/145cf, owner tank)
  • Oxygen (80/100cf, owner tank)

Air Tools

  • Die grinders (not super picky, would want a few)
  • Dynafile

Machinery Tools

  • Mill vise (ideal would be a Kurt 6" or similar)
  • Collet rack
  • Endmill assortment


  • Welding table
  • Scale (1-100lb range)
  • Printer
  • Bench grinder
  • Di-Acro bender (#2 or #3)

Holler if you have any spares! Mostly trying to avoid the inevitable Facebook Marketplace scavenger hunt for all these things.


I am looking into this instead of a dynafile.

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Ooooooh very cool! Looks like it’ll be coming out in February. I do like the convenience of air tools, but battery is a close second.

Hate the noise of airtools. I am working towards all battery.
I have the 12v system and will buy this once it’s out