WTB: practice tube/cut offs steel

I am looking for steel practice tubes for welding and brazing practice.
I am located in CT.
Let me know.

I have piles of drops. I can pack a medium flat rate box and ship a bunch to you for $18


Perfect. I will PP you

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I was just about to post the same after seeing the thread regarding the Practice Tubes thread, thought thought I might be able to utilize someone’s scraps / offcuts.

Hoping to get some practice in on Tig since my only previous experience was brazing.

Nick - if you have more to go around, let me know and I’d love some to practice with.

(Or anyone else willing to do the same! Bonus points in in/around Denver so to not have to ship)

I should have enough to make a medium flat rate box worthwhile. send me a DM and we will work out the details. I know @Daniel_Y loves taking these rattling boxes of tubes to the post office.


Maybe he will like to bring a box to PBE with his carry on for me.