Bottle Boss Reinforcements

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Discussion Topics:

  • Do you reinforce your bosses? What do you use?
  • What problems have you encountered with bottle bosses?
  • What cool examples have you seen?

Seriously productive for one day! Care to share what bosses those are?

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They are just standard m5x.8 steel bosses and boss reinforcements that I have cut by Send-Cut-Send.

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We had a test bike with a really fat bottle crack at the bottle boss from the fatigue of getting the bottle in and out of the cage. We reinforce all the DT bosses now. We were not happy with the available “star” shaped ones (IMO, they look dated), so I designed our own.

I need to design and 3D print a die curve them quicker. It’s on my (long) todo list. I think Nick just squishes them in a tube block .

DXF attached:
Boss reinforcement - oval.dxf (2.6 KB)


Paragon tube blocks are incredibly versatile.


Wow thanks for the info and the dxf, the star ones definitely aren’t my style either. I’m guessing on your nice printed seat tube bottle mount the bosses get brazed in as well rather than printing it or tapping the thread? Tube blocks were the best money I ever spent

I really like this boss reinforcement idea, thanks for sharing how you’re doing it! I’ve been thinking about how to install bosses and might do something similar. Do you think it would be possible to have the pieces lasered from a tube so that you wouldn’t have to bend them? Maybe it would be more expensive but could save the step of having to squish them in tube blocks.

Haven’t looked into lasered tube suppliers. In my experience send cut send does a lot of online sales, allowing them to offer good value and fast turnaround. The lasered approach could be cool if you wanted to do really intricate designs

I need to get around to 3D printing the forming die for this:

I can upload the design once I test it out

Ah yeah that’s looking nice! It would definitely be an easy step to just squash them in an arbor press or something with a due set like that. Have you tried oshcut at all yet? I was pretty impressed with their pricing and quoting interface, but have yet to order anything from them.

quick quote for reference:

Oshcut seems a bit more expensive but has way more materials.

Another thing to note, you can ask Send Cut Send to debur these smaller pieces. Their normal process is a giant room sized belt sander, but if you ask, they can media tumble which saves a lot of time.

Ill move this bottle boss convo to a separate thread, seems like there is enough curiosity about bottle bosses hahaha


Yes, the bosses are brazed into the bottle bracket and the bracket is brazed to the seat tube at the same time.


I’ve been planning to buy one of these flow drill bits and friction drill / tap my next set of bosses.

See here on MTBR old thread.

Stanton Bikes did a flow drill process for mounting their shock mount to the frame (I think it was also bonded as it’s an aluminium mount)


nice! What an interesting idea. Let us know how it goes