Ex DH rider trying to design and build a gravel frame, go get the popcorn

This looks great, nice work!

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Tutto bene, finito e basta!
Happy Easter everyone, and thank you again for all your help!


Metal bike, silver GRX groupset, style points. looks great!


:smile: the groupset is the reason this bike exists! If just DT Swiss would make silver hubs and rims…


That’s the group set I want. Nice looking bike.


Chuck them hubs on the lathe :wink:
Well… too late now.

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I own a late-model Taiwanese aluminum gravel bike, but dream of designing and building a DH bike, but until I win the lottery my only option is to build my own gravel frame with the following customizations:

  1. Bigger seatpost diameter and longer insertion depth

  2. A min extra 50mm of standover (versus most factory frames), and even more standover if you plan on adding front suspension; I would design frame with standover of an extra 75mm + any increase in ATC

  3. Good chance you will want to raise BB and use 165mm cranks (even for your height)

  4. Consider using “double-drop” chainstays, especially if you want the option to run 2.4” tires

  5. And about wheels, there is no reason not to make the first MX gravel bike with 650b x 142mm in back and 29” Boost up front

I’m sure I’m leaving out something.

— Chris


Alright, just came back from a slightly longer spin on it, so here is my ride report! Bear in mind that I am new to the gravel/curly bar game and I don’t have any experience to compare it against!

So, most of the geometry feels very intuitive and easy to handle, nothing is “awkward” even after a 3h/65KM/1200m ride.
If I were to build it again, I’d make it about 10mm shorter maybe (that’s why I have the saddle all the way forward…), but maybe I just need to get used to that. The stem is an 80mm Thomson X4, the 70mm ones seem to be really hard to come by in silver.

I’m quite blown away by how it just goes forward! Well, compared to my 17kg/big tires enduro bike and my dynamo hub/fenders/geared hub commuter at least :wink: It’s a joy to blast along flat roads doing north of 30kph!
Initially I thought the gearing might be a bit too short (42/11 in the longest gear) but now after having done some climbing, it’s probably alright and I don’t want a bigger ring. Or my legs are too noodly for that :sweat_smile:

To finish it off, here are some slightly prettier shots of the end result. I seem to only moderately suck at frame building but I make up for that by sucking significantly at photography :wink:


Don’t short yourself, there’s obviously a lot of talent here! Congrats on the build, looks great, and the ride report shows that you hit your design parameters nicely.