First build - floating along in the deep end

More info is being added, just bare with me

I’m a second-year uni student, this project originally started as a bamboo front triangle for a 2 stage rear end to make a longer slacker 2 stage rig (look up 2 stage mtb if you don’t know what I’m on about).
Currently it is a high, single-pivot, gearbox made from a flax-based bio composite (its a mouthful I know).
here are some pics, more info will be coming soon.
Feel free to ask questions
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Turns out I can only add one photo :frowning:


Reminds me of one of the homemade Zerode prototypes from around 10 years ago. Should be a fun project!

Funny you say that, Rob has helped me quite a bit with bits and pieces, I want to ride that bike but it is somewhere in the US


I forgot about that zerode. It looks right in line with the latest trail bikes. That thing was really ahead of it’s time.

I have quite a bit of experience with natural fibers and different manufacturing methods. Let me know if you run into questions in regards to that.

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Screenshot 2024-03-05 163838

Here are some quick specs, I’ll post a bit more when I can do multiple pics at once, basically just going to split the frame into pieces and bond them all together, I’ll 3D print the inner “hollow” portion of the downtube and top tube, wrapping them in material, for the gearbox mount I’ll make plates and integrate them in, the rest will most likely be forged.


Yeah would love to know as much as you’ll tell me. I’ll be using Kiwi Fiber (Local NZ start-up) I know ‘wetting times’ tend to be longer but not much else. Super keen to pick your brain.

Some more pics from a few weeks ago…

I’m currently working on the gearbox mount ‘lug’ and the feasibility of or using forged methods or not

Chur Chur


Small progress


Just picked up some test material… Time to do some testing (compression moulded break leavers and maybe a few other things)

More pics on the way

Chur as

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Made some avid leavers and a quick test of composite abilities… Or lack there of. The blades came out good… The rest not so much