First build - floating along in the deep end

Yeah, just knowing what I know about carbon fiber construction, it seems weird to me to put a round tube in a square space considering what the carbon fibers will be doing. As well as seat post clamp availability. I just didn’t want to give unsolicited feedback.

Yeah rather funky but I’ll roll with it, Planning to make my own clamp

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Todays work


Clamp like this, just square


Liking the full-scale 3D printed mock-up, great way to check how it all goes together. Plus the colourway looks epic!

I hope the final paint looks just like the mockup!

Very cool!
Are you going to make molds out of the 3d printed parts?

Sanding sanding sanding… Raaawwwwhidddeeee

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Neat aye, really nice for chucking the shock and fork in

Will be raw finish, however if I do paint it I promise you it’ll be the same colours

Yep, gf split moulds… For the front tri at least

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