Head Tube Rings?

I feel like this discussion has been hashed out in the MTBR archives, but I’m failing to find it right now. I’m looking to build with a EC34/44 head tube and picked the Columbus Spirit tapered one to experiment with since the PMW ones are a touch pricier and fixed length. It’s right on the edge of what I’d personally think of needing a reinforcement ring (1.1mm wall thickness), but I was curious what other builders thought.


I agree. I’ve built a couple of frames with the 46mm version ( CYRG18600 and XCRX18250) and always used rings as I felt 1.1mm after reaming will be too thin for my liking.


Rings here too, for the 1mm finished wall headtubes.

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I’m going with a shameless re-post here for me.

You can find my method on my website

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