Pinion Bridge options for plus tyres

Hi All!

I’m in the design phase of a Pinion C1.12 hardtail build and am after some suggestions for a bridge suitable for 3" tyre (Aussie spelling) clearance? I’ve successfully used the steel Pinion factory bridge in the past for 2.5" tyre clearance with some tricky seatstay bending but the mounting tabs are just not suitable for anything wider. I’ve considered adding a yoke to the standard bridge but am concerned about aesthetics. I’ve seen some cool printed versions but would like to hear if there are any other options before heading down that path.


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Sorry, I don’t have much experience with the pinon cabinets. By 3.0 tires, do you mean 27.5x3.0?

This plate style yoke works well with plus tires:

If you need help designing a printed yoke, I can look into it.

I know some people like REEB and Prova are printing the entire cabinet, which is really cool, but kinda expensive:


The plate yoke is the best option if you like the look of the one @Daniel_Y designed for SCS.
I’ve done a short-ish CS fatbike with plate yokes for 5" tires using my own bent 1/4" plate 4130 but it was very involved. The cast bridge from Pinion is the one to use, not the more square one available from other manufacturers (too thin wall, have seen the bridge crack on MTBs at the CS), but it’s hard to miter to since it’s weirdly contoured. That’s why i did what I did, and it also allowed me to get the tire as close as possible (TUKT as possible, they’re not great for short chainstay frame designs). As you can imagine it’s not light but is sturdy.

A 3D printed version would be awesome with plugs for the chainstays but that would be extremely expensive. IMO there’s no good way to accomplish plus or fat tires without a plate yoke, they’re just not designed for it.


Thanks @Daniel_Y , It’s actually a 29 x 3" bikepacking rig so will end up having quite a long chainstay. I was thinking about a plate style yoke but a little worried about placing extra leverage on the bridge wings. Something that spreads load across both wings may ok though.

@Meriwether I really like what you’ve done! I hadn’t considered removing any material but machining a feature to allow a tube to be welded in is a great idea.