Riding Reports!

Did you ride your custom frame today (or recently) and see something cool? Did your frame your frame do the thing and get you through the ride safely? Did something exciting happen to your frame on your ride?

Hopefully this can be the spot to share some pedaling stories and pictures of your frames in action!


My wife and I got to ride ours last week but there is a bunch of snow now so we’ll have to wait a little for the next session.

What it looks like up there now. Bikes on a Saturday and then powder snowboards on Tuesday. Pretty wild.


That’s amazing, what a beautiful place to live near!

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I did it. I went for a bike ride.

The local shuttling zone is snow free (for now at least), so a couple buddies and I went up there for the day. The trails are transitioning from well known illegal trails to fully sanctioned, it’s rad to go up there and see fresh trail work every weekend.

I bumped into TFM and his single pivot pinion bike - I don’t see to many other steel bikes on Prevost!

I didn’t take any riding photos (typical) but here’s the mood.

Rode about 20 km of trail with 3000 meters /10,000 feet of vertical descending. Steep!!


Got to do some riding last weekend with a friend, we had a great evening pedal on the tandem he built. We rode mtbs on trails as well but I totally didn’t get a picture.


Went for a ride on #6 on the weekend. Rode cycle trails and discovered a pub. Had a beer and got home just after dark.

One of my friends had a little ride on my bike and liked it so much he asked if I can make another the same so I guess it rides pretty well!


Gravel ride on a rails to trail.


A quick hit late lunch ride in a nice weather window after a morning of heavy rain.


Couple hour road ride today with some off road shortcuts, made it home before dark.

Here’s one from yesterday too. Another sunny day tomorrow for some more!


Warm day here, lots of bikes out. Got in a 45 mile roadie pedal with a mid ride beer stop.


I was able to sneak out this morning for a nice ride with a couple of other NMW riders. We couldn’t have asked for a better morning or better conditions.


Raced the Frigid Bitch alleycat yesterday and eked out a spot on the podium! 4th place out of two hundred something folks. Really fun ride and super well organized. My only regret is doing it try-hard style and not stopping to take shots at all the checkpoints :weary:. Maybe next year!


Well today was a bust, everything I touched went wrong. So I gave up on being productive and took the longboi out for a ride

First time out mountain biking for a while, it’s just been cyclone central around here. Trails are holding up ok here to the west of NZ, east coast is pretty smashed from cyclone Gabrielle.

Had a little dip in the painfully cold reservoir after, it’s no longer in service as town supply.


I made it out for a nice little 2h road ride on the commuter bike before sunset last night. It was juuuust above freezing and raining, but not very windy which was a nice change.

As much as people talk about mountain biking in BC, the road riding is equally as amazing.

(28 miles / 2220 feet in American)


I got out for some holiday shuttling today. The trails are running fast, and the hill was busy. Great day on the bike. I cannot wait to build my DH bike though, the hardtail is so hard on the hands for this much descending.

3900 meters / 13,000 feet of vertical


:rotating_light: RARE WEATHER SYSTEM DETECTED :rotating_light:

Winter on the island is usually wet and just above freezing, but the last couple days it’s been a few degrees below freezing and DRY. Weirdly dry. But a perfect day to break out the fast road bikes. We headed into the hills to try and find the snow line.

Between Parker and I we have 7 wzrds, but there were no wzrd’s around on this ride. He was on a Moots and I was on my @wildwood. #savetherimbrake

43 miles / 3366 feet


Today I skied and I’ve been mountain biking recently too, but this ride a couple weeks ago on my gravel bike was remarkable enough to share. Everywhere was stormy or had predictions for bad weather and I almost didn’t go. But in the Shasta Valley in far northern California, it’s pretty dry and doesn’t always get the weather that’s predicted for the area. I showed up for the ride, part of a local and loosely organized series called Honey Badger Rides and had a blast on a gorgeous day. 38 miles of mostly gravel and next to zero cars. (The mtb fender on there looks kind of ridiculous, but it was supposed to be gross out!) I have been testing a steel fork with a printed crown and really love how it rides compared to the carbon fork I had been running. I will do a couple tweaks to the design and bring the next iteration with me to MADE.


I took a trip down to Socal to visit friends and smuggle some bikes. Thanks to the rain this year, all the singletrack trails are still pretty sad. Grinding to the top of Mt. Wilson has been on my to-do list for years, so we finally did it. Old school mountain biking.

At this point we passed several gravel riders questioning their life choices :rofl:

My camera’s white balance decided to freak out, which lead to some cool black and white photos near the top:


Quick lap on the Ann Arbor local loop today, gravel bike kept it spicy.