SolidWorks Tech Support Thread

I know that SolidWorks is not as common among users here as Fusion 360, but I figured I’d start a dedicated SolidWorks thread to keep as a resource.

I’m certainly not a super pro when it comes to SW, but I’ve used it a fair bit and I’ll be happy to offer up advice where I can. I find that looking at other people’s problems and coming up with a solution is a good way to hone my skills.

To quote @Daniel_Y from the Fusion 360 Tech Support Thread;

Ask questions, get answers.


@JMY I saw your responses in the other thread looking for SolidWorks support. You definitely know your stuff. I was glad to see that your explanation and techniques for tube mitering and geometry modeling were almost identical to my own. I thought my methods were perhaps taking the long way around but glad to see others use the same techniques.

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Cheers @evan.trem
Over the years I’ve tried a few different techniques that I’ve figured out via trial and error.
At first, I was doing it just as one solid body until I figured out I could untick the “merge” selection and make the frame a multibody part.
The downside of that method in my opinion is that I’d have to re-model tube profiles etc. for each frame. I also found moving bodies in a multibody part to be cumbersome and less intuitive than in an assembly.

So I figured out how to basically build the frame in an assembly using pre-configured tube profiles. I even made SW parts with parametrically driven configurations for most Columbus tube profiles, incl. chainstays and seatstays - but sadly I’ve since lost those files due to a computer migration gone wrong. Maybe one day I’ll spend the time and re-make them.

How would you combine these two tubes together in a nice way? I’m struggling to merge them without creating a sharp “step”. The top-tube (left) is an ellipsis 40mm wide, 25mm tall. The seat stay (right) is also an ellipsis 40mm wide, 14mm tall. The seat tube is 32mm in diameter.

Are you trying to merge them, as in create a single body? Could you give some more info. Are you working in an assembly or multi-body part file?

This is a solid multi-body part file – I want to make a transition between them that’s a little smoother than this. I was wondering if there was some kind of surface sculpting I can do here

So you only want to merge the TT and SS? Leaving the ST separate?
Maybe you can share the file so I can have a quick look?

Can someone with a makers license try to sketch from a picture? After the 2024 update mine crashes every time I size the photo.

Here is a slick idea for generating miter templates by slicing your tube then using sheet metal tools to flatten the tube. Very smart.

Man, do I wish I had discovered this about 3 frames ago…