Syntace DO and Campy

Looking to hear from other builders that use Syntace DO’s with Campy. Have you had any shifting issues? Specifically when the chain is in the smaller cogs?

Campy specs the length from axle center to the center of the threaded mounting hole on the hanger should be 24-28mm. I measure 34mm on mine. I’ve never seen a shorter hanger at PMW and I’ve personally never had any issues on any of my bikes.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe you have already seen this thread:

No personal experience with syntace+campy, but IMO, specifications exist for a reason!

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Thanks, I hadn’t seen this. A little digging and both Shimano and SRAM also recommend a 24-28mm hanger length for optimum performance.

Syntace has addressed that issue a while ago. They sell a short hanger for x12 dropouts.

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Thanks. I’m hoping that PMW can get them and/or make some like they do with the other hanger option.