YouTube Framebuilding Channels

I thought it’d be fun & helpful to capture all the YouTube channels I’ve found on framebuilding…here’s my list, please add more!

Pithy Bikes -

Cobra Framebuilding -

Paul Brodie -

Frank The Welder -

Ellis Briggs -

Fiets of Strength -

Phil Vandelay -

Joey Mesa -

Daoyan Joe -

C. S. Hirose -

-Jim G


Nice thread.
Not specifically frame building but a nice deep dive into titanium frame welding with Mike Zanconato. Titanium Bike Welds with Mike Zanconato - YouTube


Don’t forget @SoyWater ’s The idiot box.

@Pursuit Strong racing frames before the carpet fiber frames. Oldie but a goodie.


I would like to start the frame building videos channel.
I love watching paul brodie’s channel (I think most of them do) Also the little process videos from Chapmancycles are insane.

this is also amazing!

But is there more content?


BTR has an awesome video building a swingarm: Steel MTB Swingarm Framebuilding - BTR PINNER - Fabrication Build Video - YouTube


I’m recording as much as I can of my current frame build with the plan to make a video series on it. My videograohy and editing skills are diabolical, but watch this space I guess!


I’ve compiled a collection of framebuilding videos at BikeCAD in Action |


Thanks, combined both threads!

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Episode 1. Let me know what you think. For anyone who likes framebuilding YouTube it’s a good Sunday for geometry. Paul Brodie just uploaded a video about his gravel frame.


Excellent video. Makes me realise just how rudimentary my cad skills are hahaha

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Aw thank you. I’m still battling with Fusion to be honest. It is very different to other CAD programs. But persistence is the key!

@Sideways_Viola that is a great video. Makes me want to now build a carbon bike. Love the cad skills.
Keep it up.

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Wow, thanks for sharing your workflow! The molding is really impressive. I need to watch that more closely to learn it.

Just a quick heads up, something seems a bit off with the FM160 dimensions to me. You might want to double-check it… You may have carried over the 16mm offset from FM140.


Thanks Daniel

Someone beat you to it and got in touch to tell me. A good part of sharing my work has already shown itself!

I have already made the NDS dropout but I have been having a think today and I think I can add the missing 5mm in with an extra bit bonded on. I haven’t ordered the bolts yet so it should all work out.

I knew stepping away from Paragon dropouts would be a challenge!

Thanks again

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Here’s a front triangle build playlist from a channel I found. Some interesting approaches to getting some complicated mitres right using cad and 3d printing


It’s a shameless plug but I have uploaded another episode of my framebuild. I have another one all edited up and scheduled for next week as well.

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Thats a great video. Did you make the tool you are using?

Yeah. 3D printed in a few sections then sanded smooth. Not the best but you have to work with what you’ve got!

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How about that taping thing? Do you move it manually across?