Weight Weenie Gravel Bike

What if you get a little alignment guide 3d printed that you can use for set up and removed once you start welding? Just an idea.


Whoa, you weren’t kidding! The other taps I was using felt like cutting a bagel with a butter knife but the YMW felt like wielding a lightsaber.


I got the frame all put together!

Here’s my fancy boss fishing fixture (a bent ER70S-2 rod)

I fished the bosses through the tube until I could see them then grabbed them with a long M5 bolt

No frame build would be complete without accidentally punching through the down tube at the DT/ST joint :melting_face: I was able to salvage it but it’s a bit goobery and caused the down tube to pull up a bit.

Time for a nice long bath! Getting everything clean for glue.

Not pictured is the gluing process. I forgot to take pictures and it went by super quick! I used the powder coating oven in my local makerspace to bake at 160ºF for 2 hours which seems to be the ideal cure schedule for DP460-NS.

Not what you want to see when you’re trying to finish a frame!

But I got it done! Total frame weight is 1.29kg. I calculated 1.23kg for all the parts which leaves about 60g in glue/filler rod/etc. Now I just gotta do some frame prep, get the carbon painted, and ride :smile:


Wow, that’s impressive! And such a slick looking frame! Congrats on finishing it!


Well that turned out great.


I forgot about this part. Got a solid workout in reaming and facing the head tube yesterday. Guess it’s time to send my cutters out for sharpening!


I LOVE using my lightsaber on bagels! Makes them all toasty on the inside.