[WTB] Mill arbor - Lathe/CNC project help

I am restoring an old Atlas MF mill but I am missing some parts, I can find replicas of the parts I need in the interweb but wanted to check if anyone here can make one.

I have the original designs and STL files as well.

I am missing the arbor and the driver

Atlas M1-561L Arbor 1-0.pdf (157.9 KB)
Atlas M1-567 Arbor Driver.pdf (64.6 KB)

I found replicas of both: $250 for the arbor (with spacers and nut), $60 for the driver.
I don’t need them right now but probably would want to have them in the next 2-3 months

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I know it feels like a lot, but that’s almost surely cheaper than having them made. Any manual job shop will be $100-$200/hr (depending on where you are located). That shaft would be a 2-4 hour job and the nut a 1-2 hour job (depending on how experienced your machinist is), plus the cost of material. CNC shop will be similar rates, and run both in a half hour, but you’ll have 3-5 hours of programming and setup cost. Your best bet would be go to any local manual job shop that’s been there a while if there are any in your area, and ask for a cash rate. Sometimes you’ll catch a machinist who will do a job under the table for $50/hr cash. Maybe that person is on here! This is my experience working in the industry since 2006. Good luck!


Yes, you are right, I was actually hoping to find someone that maybe knows a spindle that is close enough that can be bought and machined to fit without doing it from scratch.

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Right on, yea if you can find something used and modify it that could be a cool option.