New category idea: finishing

I’m thinking it might make sense to have a finish/paint category for the forum. Seems like there might be enough interest to sustain it:

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I agree, since the forum is growing, we’re going to need more organization.

There are 3 levels of organization (from least impactful to most impactful):

  1. Tags
  2. Sub Categories
  3. Categories

A few ways we can do this:

  • New topics could require tags (welding, finishing, cnc, etc…)
  • We could create a sub-category of finishing
    • the issue becomes… is this under education or under general?
  • we could just create an entire new category for finishing

Education and general are also kinda creeping together… I can see a world where we just combine them, but I would prefer to keep them separate, even if it takes a bit more administrative work.

My vision for the EDU forum is that people can ask questions openly without any criticism. Also, it would “archive” high quality threads under “resources”

Let me try a few things and see how they work out.

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  • I created a bunch of sub categories in education
  • I moved build logs to general

I am liking this organization. Let me know if anyone has any feedback or has suggestions for more sub-categories

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Oh sweet, I’m loving the change!