Need 3D printed pipe fitting? $1/g printed Monthly

I print stainless parts with @Neuhaus_Metalworks every month. If you would like to slide your part into the queue, I can print it to save on shipping and heat treat cost.


Material: 316 stainless
Cost: $1/g
Shipping: USPS Priority mail ~$10
Lead time: depends on the print cycle, but typically 1-1.5mo

  • I will update the thread 2 weeks before I submit the order.


  • Parts must be simple
    • If the part is too complex, I will respectfully decline
    • a print failure can destroy an entire print batch!
  • Limit $150 per person, per order
    • If you need more, its probably better to start your own order
  • Design guidelines:
    • minimum wall thickness: .7mm
    • all internal corners radii: .3mm minum
    • maximum unsupported bridge: 10mm
    • min overhang angle 70deg
    • Every part will be printed with some support. However you want to minimize it as much as possible.
    • see: Forum Post for more tips and tricks


Send me a PM through the forum, or email If your part needs critiquing to improve printability, I will ask you to post it to this thread. That way the community can learn from the experience.


@Daniel_Y -

Which material are you printing with? The data sheet in the linked post has four flavors of stainless.

I won’t be ready this time around, but perhaps in future.


Good question. I print with 316SS. I updated the original post.

I am actually curious to hear other people’s experiences. I know others have printed with 17-4. I would love to get some back to back testing.

@Daniel_Y , I was just thinking this morning I’d love to do some testing on 3D printed metal welded to 4130. The college I work at has a pretty nice setup for doing macroetch testing. I’ll have to check what power microscope we have, but I may even be able to get a look at the micro grain structure. I’ve been really curious to take a look at it. Obviously, I’d document the whole experiment on here.

I’ll work out some details and see if I can piggyback on your next order. I assume you just need a .step or .stl file? These will be super simple parts, basically just a handful of flat coupons.


@ben.land101 nice! I just need an STL file. I am planning to start the order mid-January

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Anyone have an MTB yoke I can hop onto this with. Have not started one in F360 yet

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What are your design specs? I can create a Fusion360 tutorial for the EDU forum

  • BB standard
  • Tire Size
  • Min chainstay
  • Chainline
  • Max tooth capacity

If you don’t know, this is what I use:

  • BB standard: T47 73mm
  • Tire width: 29x2.6
  • Min chainstay: 420mm
  • Chainline: 52mm
  • Max tooth capacity: 34t
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That is exactly what I am thinking.

I would be highly interested in this tutorial. I have recently been learning fusion with youtube tutorials, but when I get into the design space on my own it’s very apparent I haven’t learned enough to create the parts I want to.

Perfect specs, would love to see this tutorial.
Would also love to give back, if you had a buy me a coffee or something.


Hi @Daniel_Y

This is a great idea, thanks for the offer!

Working on a design right now, any idea when your next order will be?

Our printer is on lunar new year holiday till Jan 30, so if you can get your order in before then, I can slide it in!

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Nothing like a deadline to get me motivated!

I’ll try and get it finished up this week, this will be my first SLM part. Is there a good place on the forum I could do a design review?

You can do it in this thread so others can learn (preferred), or just DM me.


Getting a Feb order queued up and ready to go!

  • Deadline: Feb 8!
  • Parts ETA: mid March

Let me know if you need help getting a design across the finish line!

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I guess I need to fire up F360 and design my yoke.

Here’s an attempt to make a single-sided yoke for gravel bikes.

  • BSA 68mm BB shell
  • Clearance for 55x622 tires
  • Clearance for GRX 48-31, Sram wide 43-30, 42t 1x
  • 435mm min chainstays

Maybe I can get this printed next round.

Any feedback on the design would be appreciated.

tire clearance v11.stl (1.3 MB)
tire clearance v13.step (697.3 KB)


Would you be able to post a .STEP file as well? The STL is tricky for analyzing. I’d be curious to see how it lines up with the yoke that I’m getting printed.

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Added to my original post.

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Looks sweet! My yoke is optimized around a bit longer chainstay. I’d be interested to hear how the thin section of yours holds up - I was pretty conservative with the pinch point thickness of mine (11.5mm iirc).